Thanks to colonization and emigration, the traditions of food in Argentina were formed under the influence of Italian and Spanish cuisine. It is the best country in South America to eat delicious pizza, coffee and ice cream.

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Unlike in Brazil, Argentinian cuisine is not that exotic. They do not serve Acai on every corner and drink coconuts right on the street. In general, the traditional meals are quite simple but satisfying.

However, I must admit that food in Argentina is simply unbearably tasty. Let’s see what you need to try during your vacation!

1. Asado

ArgentinIan meat is not just a food, it is a tradition, a cult, a love. I swear I had a passionate affair with every piece of meat I ordered at the restaurant. Delicious cuts of beef are placed on a large wire rack and slowly grilled over charcoal. The result is an incredibly juicy steak with a taste of happiness.

And moreover these were the cheapest stakes I have eaten ever in my life 7$-10$ for giant portion.

2. Malbec

After ordering the meat it’s time for wine menu. And you need to try this one.

Malbec is a red wine with a rich taste with hints of fruit, milk chocolate, cocoa and violets. This grape variety was cultivated in the south-west of France and for a long time was one of the five most popular Bordeaux wines. However, in the 20th century, it lost popularity in Europe. Grape was introduced to South America in the 18th century. In a sense, Argentina revived Malbec, making it one of 18 noble grape varieties. Today Argentina supplies 75% of the “world supply” of Malbec.

3. Empanadas

These are the traditional pies with various toppings: meat, cheese, etc. You may find empanadas on the menu of almost all restaurants. This is the perfect snack. There are two types of empanadas: al horno (in the oven) and frito (fried).

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4. Dulce de Leche

It is a boiled condensed milk. I used to call it “Russian Nutella” as I thought that Russian is the only place where this pastry is eaten. But itturned out it is a traditional delicacy in Argentina. They eat it together with breakfast croissants, add inside the alfajores and other desserts, and even just eat with a spoon.

Moreover there are dozens of types of Dulce de Leche in Argentina. And the best place to try them all is a special Dulce de Leche boutique – La Casa de Dulce de Leche.

5. Alfajores

These are special cookies stuffed with dulce de leche. I would call it “Argentinian macaroni”. There are many types of alfajores with different toppings: chocolate, meringues, etc. But I prefer the classical ones.

In Buenos Aires, you may try home-made alfajor in the restaurant or buy a ready one in almost every food store or even kiosk. Moreover even big candy companies such as Milka and Oreo have launched a line of alfajores for Argentina. But the best alfajores are made by “Havanna”.

6. Medialunas

In fact, these are ordinary butter bagels with a sugar crust. In Argentina, medilunas are as popular as croissants in Italy. So let’s call them “Argentinian croissants”.

The standard Argentinian breakfast that is served every morning in almost every cafe is a cup of cafe con leche (coffee with milk), glass of orange juice and medialunas.

7. Coffee

Actually there is nothing special in Argentinian coffee. However Argentina is a coffee lover’s paradise on par with Italy and Brazil, which is not surprising. After all, a third of Argentina’s population are descendants of 19th century Italian emigrants. On the streets of Buenos Aires, you will find a lot of stylish instagram cafes or authentic bistros serving delicious coffee.

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