During the hot summer, everybody desires to get into water. If you have never tried water sports or wakeboarding, then this summer is your chance, do not miss it. In a country where there are no real waves, and the chances of becoming a surfer are close to -500, wake park is the best place to recharge with a surfer-like atmosphere.

Wakeboarding is gaining more and more popularity in Latvia every year. It is a water sport that engages all muscle groups, and feels a bit like a freestyle snowboard, but much safer.

Typically, the wakeboarding season in Latvia starts in early May and ends in October.

In total, there are more than 30 wake parks in Latvia with cable and boat wakeboarding. Follow this link to visit a special wakeboarding website where you can see the full list of Latvian wake parks. And below, read about 5 spots that my friends recommended to me.

1. Marupe Wake Park

According to my friends, this is the best wake park in the vicinity of Riga. It offers 3 wake trails, SUP rentals, a water park, cafe and a sauna.

Adress: Bērzciema ūdenskrātuve Jaunmarupe, district, LV-2166

Working hours: 12-22, weekends 10-22.


  • Prices start from 30 euro per hour on labor days before 16:00.
  • Wake board rental – 5 euro/hour

Follow the link to check the website of the wake park.

2. 5Masti Wake Park

Wake park with a circular track for wakeboarding and water skiing. You can also go SUP-surfing, visit the water park or eat in a restaurant overlooking the lake.

Location: Ozolnieku ezers, Ozolnieki, LV-3018

Working hours: weekdays 12:00-sunset, weekends 10:00-sunset.


  • Wake board rental + 2 hours of trail – 20 euro. For kids under 15 – 15 euro.
  • Water park – 10 euro
  • SUP rental – 7 euro/hour.

Follow the link to check the website of the wake park.

3. HiWake 5.0 Park

This is the newest wake park. It was opened in 2020. In summer, a large wakeboard trail is open on the lake with activities for children, a trail for beginners and even a children’s summer camp, and in winter they go karting here.

Working hours: 12-21:30 weekdays, 10-21:30 weekends. 


  • 1 hour – 20 euro
  • Board rental

Location: Līčupes iela 12, Sunīši, Garkalnes pagasts, Garkalnes novads

Follow the link to check the website of the wake park.

4. Riga Wake Park

An obvious advantage of the place is the location. You enjoy wakeboarding practically being in the center of Riga. Visitors besides a small track for waterskiing and wakeboarding will find a sauna, a small beach and a stylish club house that can be rented for an event.

Adress: Zaķusalas krastmala, Zemgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1050

Working hours: Daily 11:00-23:00


  • 30 min – 20 euro
  • Wake board rental – 5 euro
  • SUP Rental – 8euro/hour

Follow the link to check the website of the wake park.

5. Wake You

A wake park near the airport with a two-tower cable, trampolines, cafes and other entertainments. In winter, by the way, the track also works, but for snowboarding.

Adress: Pilotu iela 6, by Riga airport, LV-1053

Working hours: Daily 09:00-21:00 


  • 36 euro – 1 hour
  • Wakeboard rental – 7 euros
  • SUP rental – 8euros/hour

Follow the link to see the wake park’s website

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