In Thailand, there is so much unusual food you need to try. In the previous article, I wrote about my favorite food in Thailand. This time let’s talk about fruits. If you are a fan of the fruitarian diet – Thailand is just the best place. As many fruits as here, you won’t find in any other place. Moreover, I think the very reason why I am so in love with Thailand is the fruit variety.


The whole big fresh coconut will cost you less than 1$. While in Thailand I substituted every drink with a coconut water.


In my opinion, papaya is the best breakfast fruit. It is not that sweet as mango but has its taste.


It is absolutely true, that Thai mangos are the sweetest ones.


I am not a very big fan of lychee as they don’t have any taste, but since you in Thailand at least it worths a try.


It is very similar to lychee. But the taste is a bit different.


I would call rambutan hairy lychee. As the taste is simply the same. But appearance is a way more interesting.


Durian is the most famous fruit in Thailand. It is also the one that is prohibited to transfer. So when in Thailand you at least have to give it a try, just to know what everyone is talking about.


In Thailand, the pineapples are small but very sweet.


My favorite fruit ever. There are 2 types of dragonfruit: red and white. Red is a bit sweeter.


I more prefer to drink the fresh Guava juice than eat Guava itself because of the fruit seeds.


The most nutritious fruit. I can eat just a few pieces to feel totally full.

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