Plettenberg Bay is a resort town in the south of South Africa. It is located on the famous Garden Route 530 km away from Capetown and 100 km away from George airport. The city is a popular direction for surfers as it is surrounded by inhabited white sand beaches with giant waves. The city center is quite tiny but fully equipped with a variety of restaurants, interior design shops, and of course, surf shops.

If you made it to Plettenberg Bay it is better to be there with a car, as the city center is located on the hill (which is good for observing amazing sunsets). And all the attractions are 15-30 minutes driving.

Top-5 best things to do in Plettenberg Bay

1. Hiking around Robberg Nature Reserve

The Robberg Nature Reserve is a narrow peninsula with spectacular views and hiking trail. There you will spend around 4-6 hours, enjoying views, hiking the rocks. You may also see the sea lions, penguins and whales. This is one of the most beautiful natural places I have ever visited in my life.

Follow this link to read more about the Robberg Nature Reserve. This information will help you to organize your visit.

2. Enjoy the activities and nature in Tsitsikamma National park

The Tsitsikamma national park is also called the Garden on the Garden Route. It is a very huge and extremely beautiful place for active leisure. You can’t even imagine, how many things you can do there: Canopy tour, rafting, hiking, Kayaks, and bungy jumping. You can check the list of full activities on the official website.

3. Jump from the highest bungee in the world

The highest bungy jumping in the world is located in South Africa in Tsitsikamma National Park. It is 216 meters high. People jump right from the bridge. Nearby the bridge there is a view cafe, where you can rest after the jump.

4. Watch wild animals at Game Reserve

Do not consider the Game Reserve in Plettenberg Bay as the real African safari, where animals live in the wild and you have a chance to watch their real wildlife from afar.

In Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve they have a fenced territory, where animals live, although it is quite big, they can’t escape from this territory. The reserve workers also feed these animals. So I would say this is smth between the Zoo and Safari, as you still need to find animals to see them.

The big advantage of the place is that here you can drive really close to an animal. So that we saw wild rhino, elephants, hippos, and lions only a few meters away. In this Game Reserve, they also have a hotel in the main building. Check the official website for more information.

5. Explore the inhabited beaches in Knysna

Knysna is a small city 32 km away from the Plettenberg. And it is a must-visit place if you drive along the Garden Route. Follow the link to read more information about the best places to visit on the way from Plettenberg to Knysna.

Follow this link to read more about the Best Places to visit and the Best things to do in Knysna.

Other interesting places to visit in Plettenberg Bay

Those are the special sanctuaries where you can see the monkeys, wild cats, exotic birds, and elephants. If you stay in Plettenberg Bay for a while – make a tour to these places. If you click to the place name you will be redirected to its official website.

Top-6 restaurants and cafes in Plettenberg Bay

I have been in Plett 2 times and have visited various restaurants and diners. If you are my constant reader you may know how much I appreciate eating tasty food and enjoying an amazing view at the same time. So this list very personal. Only my favorite places. Each restaurant name is linked so you can just press it and check the restaurant website.

1.The Lookout deck & Restaurant. This is simply the best view restaurant in the city, as it literally is located on the rock on the beach and surrounded by nature. The food is also amazing, especially the fish and seafood.

2.Le Fournil – The best breakfast place in Plett. This is the bakery and cafe with tables in a beautiful patio. This is my favourite breakfast place in Plettenberg Bay. Many times I found myself here with a huge plate of American pancakes. Also, the croissants here are the best in the city.

Le Fournil Plettenberg

3. The Golden Palm. This is a tiny Asian restaurant with only 3 tables inside and 4 tables outside. It is situated in the same patio as Le Fournil Bakery. Here you can eat a big bowl with salmon at quite a low price.

4. The Table. Here they cook an amazing Italian pizza.

5. The Corner Bistro. This is my favourite place to eat the famous South African T-bone steak for an affordable price. The pasta is also good.

6.Clare’s Cakes & Coffee Shop. Best place to eat cheesecakes, cupcakes and other kinds of cakes. But cheesecakes are special.

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