The official name of Luxembourg is Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe. The whole area is 2,586 square kilometers. However, it is also one of the richest countries in the world. The average income in Luxembourg is around 130.000$ per year. But let’s describe the state by the side of the tourist. Luxembourg is beautiful. It has the charm of the small European cities hidden among the mountains and trees. However, I would rather say that it is a one-day destination. 1 day in Luxembourg will be totally enough to visit the best places and enjoy it.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is situated only 2.5 hours away from Brussels or Frankfurt, so you can easily take a day-trip to Luxembourg.

How to get to Luxembourg from Brussels?

So there are 2 common ways: Bus and train.

The train trip from Brussels to Luxembourg is around 3,5 hours long and 70-100 euro cost. Check the schedule here.

The bus trip is also around 3 hours long, but cists 10-30 euros. Check the timetable at Flixbus official website.

Before we start the day-trip around Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg is the onliest country in the world where the whole public transport is absolutely free. But I assure you you will be perfectly fine exploring the city by walking.
  • Luxembourg city is composed of upper and lower levels, be ready to go up and down the hills.
  • If you travel with luggage, there is a luggage store at the train station. Right in the city center. Near this train station all the buses to the airport stop.
  • Interesting fact: The Schengen Visa that is required to travel to Europe, was signed exactly in Luxembourg, in a small town called Schengen

Use my article as an itinerary. Just follow from one site to another and you will see all the beauty. And let’s start at the central train station. From there you have to take a direction to the Adolphe bridge.

While walking try to look around and notice how stylishly dressed people are and how beautiful and modern all the buildings are. I couldn’t find any that would be in bad condition.

Adolphe bridge

Adolphe Bridge is a double-decked bridge that leads from one part of the city to another. It was built at the beginning of the XX century and

Adolphe Bridge
Pedestrian and bike street inside the Adolphe bridge

Place de la Constitution

This is a square with an important monument for local residents – Golden Frau. The monument was lost during the II World War: it was hidden so good that nobody could find it, and all the eyewitnesses have died, so there was no one to ask. The Frau was found by accident at the following construction.
On the square, there is an observation deck with a gorgeous view of the Adolphe Bridge. From the square you can see the Cathedral, sit on a bench and listen to the melodic play of bells, and almost around the corner is situated the Palace of the Grand Dukes and the narrow medieval streets of the old part of the city

Grand Ducal Palace

It is the town residence of the Grand Duke, where he actually lives. However, it can be visited by tourists, but only from the middle of July till the end of August with the guided tour. Check the info on the Official website.

Chocolate house

Chocolate house is a famous confectionery situated nearby the Grand Ducal Palace. There you can stop by for a coffee and a delicious pastry.

Casemates Du Bock

Bock Casemates were built in the 17th century. These are mysterious paths and dark cameras. In one of the underground trails, there is an exposition dedicated to the history of this place. During World War II, civilians escaped here from air raids.

The excursion program includes a visit to the archaeological crypt. Open from March to October 10:00-17:00. Admission is 6 EUR for adults and 3 EUR for children. Check the info on the official website.

Grund District

Along the ramparts of the Bock casemates, go down to the Alzette river Valley. You will find yourself in the old district of the city named Grund district, which is located in the lowlands of the mountains. It is also called “lower city”. It’s a little colder there than above. During the walk, you will be surrounded by small houses, green squares, a park and a river with bridges thrown over it. There are also a few cafes with terraces outside, where you can have lunch.

In my opinion, this is the most beautiful part of the city.

Pfaffeenthal lift

As I said, Luxembourg city is composed of upper and lower levels. To go back to the upper city you have to or walk up the hill (there is a stair). Or to use the elevator. The bonus – is the beautiful view, you can observe while going up.

Thank you very much for spending your day with us! Hope you have enjoyed your trip to Luxembourg.

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