We chose Kuala Lumpur as a hub on our way back from Australia to Europe. Having a rest between the connecting flights we have spent here 2 days, after which I was totally surprised by the life you can live in this city as well a how many things you can afford here. Lying in the pool of our Airbnb skyscraper for 30$ per night I was surrounded by programmists. Few moved to Malaysia others spend a winter. According to the logic of remote earnings: you need to live where it’s cheaper and make money online. Therefore Kuala Lumpur is simply created for freelancers. You get all the warmness of the equator and still live in the middle of civilization.

  1. Kuala Lumpur is a cross between Bangkok with its noises and smells and Singapore, with its skyscrapers and manufacturability. What are the artificial cascades of waterfalls in the park! If you wish, you can have the illusion of moving to Singapore, the most innovative city but being in Kuala Lumpur where it is 10 times cheaper. The main thing is to get around by taxi. ⠀

2. In Kuala Lumpur, even on Airbnb, you can rent an apartment for 900 euros per month in a skyscraper. This price will include a technologically advanced 2-room apartment with a view from the 40th floor, a swimming pool, a gym, public areas, coworking, cafes, and yoga classes on the roof. And all this on the territory or terraces of the house. You can lead the lifestyle of an American millionaire, but for 900 euros per month, or even cheaper. At the same time, going out into the street you will not find yourself in slums, here are quite civilian central streets with shops and restaurants. ⠀

3. Prices for food and transport in KL are cheaper than in Thailand. In good stylish cafes, we ate for two for 10-12 euros. ⠀

4. Taxi price – 2 euros for 15 minutes ride. ⠀

5. If you get tired of the noise and stuffiness of the city, for 10-15 euros you can escape to one of several paradise islands in Malaysia for the weekend. Check all possible destinations and transport timetable HERE.

6. From Kuala Lumpur, you can cheaply fly to many destinations for little money. Bali – 40 euros, Thailand – 20 euros, China – 45 euros, Australia 60 euros, etc. Also, you can easily travel to any Asian country or city by bus or ferry. Organize your route here.

7. The city has a huge number of roof-top bars, restaurants, various parties, yoga classes. ⠀

8. You won’t feel like a stranger. Many foreigners live here. You just become one of them. But here comes an advantage – almost everyone speaks English, as in Singapore. ⠀

9. In Malaysia, all kinds of Thai fruits are sold, including durian, around which a cult is generally built here. ⠀

10. Same as in all of Asia, there is a great variety of medical supplies and care products. Of course, it is not the same as in Japan, but the market is still great. Here in Kuala Lumpur, you can also find a cheap massage here, as in Thailand.

How to travel around Asia?

For many of you, it seems that it is really difficult to orientate in Asian countries. However, it’s much easier than you think. All the transport timetables and possible routes of how to get from place to place are united on one website – 12.go.asia. For example, you can come to Kuala Lumpur by bus from Bangkok or combine bus with train and airplane including the airport transfers and literally, can get to any point you want.

The same if you want to continue your trip from Kuala Lumpur to other Asian countries. Just check all the possible directions here.

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