The airport of Kuala Lumpur is one of the greatest international hubs that is still being unknown among the many European tourists. And still, there are so many cheap flights through Kuala Lumpur that connect 3 continents: Europe, Asia, and Australia. When flying from one to another sometimes you are required to get a breath of fresh air. In other words – to spend a night in the real bed.

On the way from Melbourne to Stockholm, we chose to split the flights and have a 2 days rehab in Kuala Lumpur. And I was so amazed by the city. It is very big and still, you can explore a lot of staff in one or two days.

1. Rent an apartment in a skyscraper

We stayed in the Airbnb apartment in a skyscraper. For the 2-rooms apartment on the 40th floor with a gym. coworking, roof-top jacuzzi and infinity pool we paid just 30$ per night. Find your apartment here.

2. Supply yourself with exotic fruits on your way back home

The variety and price of fruits in Malaysia is the same as in Thailand.

3. Visit Petronas Towers

After the one day adventure in Singapore, I wasn’t really amazed by the Towers itself, but by the park around them! To fight the city hotness there is built an artificial lake with waterfalls and fountains.

4. Visit China and India in one day

I am talking about the districts. In Kuala Lumpur, you can find the “Little India” district as well as “Chinatown” with all the cultural supply. Moreover, I recognized Malaysia as a mix of India and Asia, so what people look like. As in India, we were called “mam” and “sir”, so as in Asia many technological decisions are integrated.

5. Use the free tourist bus

There are 4 routes around the main touristic attractions. Get more information here.

6. Visit Forest Eco Park

Again, this is an absolutely free activity. These are the jungles with paths and suspension bridges in the middle of the metropolis. All plants have a nameplate.

7. Batu Caves

One of the most popular destinations in the city. The complex contains 30 caves and temples. Landscapes and nature are amazing. However, be ready to witness the mountains of trash.

The entry fee is 35 RYA per person (9 dollars) for adults and 25 RYA for kids.

How to get to Batu Caves from Kuala-Lumpur? – The best way is to get there by Taxi (download the GRAB app). Both-ways taxi drive with waiting time will cost you 140 RYA (30 euros).

The cheap way is to get to Batu Caves by train. There is a train from KL Central Railway Station to Batu Caves. The train leaves from platform 3 (you will see the big sign (Batu Caves on the platform). Trains go every 30 minutes and the trip cost 2$.

How to get to Kuala Lumpur? / How to travel around Asia?

For many of you, it seems that it is really difficult to orientate in Asian countries. However, it’s much easier than you think. All the transport timetables and possible routes of how to get from place to place are united on one website – 12.go.asia. For example, you can come to Kuala Lumpur by bus from Bangkok or combine bus with train and airplane including the airport transfers and literally, can get to any point you want.

The same if you want to continue your trip from Kuala Lumpur to other Asian countries. Just check all the possible directions here.

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