Golf is one of the most privileged sports in the world. High prices, form, etiquette are the eternal attributes of this sport that can scare away ordinary people. Meanwhile, golf in Latvia turned out to be quite affordable, at least when compared with tennis. For 300 euros you can buy a set of clubs and for 800 euros an annual subscription to the club and play as much as you want.

The golf season in Latvia is rather vague. Players enter the field around March and can play until the end of December. It all depends on the weather conditions. So let’s see what golf courses there are in Latvia and how much it costs to play.

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Golf courses in Riga

1. Jurmala Golf Club

In Jurmala-golf I fell in love with the infrastructure. Here you feel the elitism of golf. The modern design of the club building, a chic restaurant with sofas on the terrace and panoramic windows inside. There are delicious breakfasts and business lunches on weekdays. It is also the only club in Latvia with 2 courses: a large 18-hole course and an academic 9-hole course.


  • Academy golf course – 20 euro
  • Green fee 9 holes – 60 euro
  • Green fee 18 holes – 89 euro (after 16:00 – 45 euro)
  • Season card – 1790 euro
  • Season card “Monday – Thursday” – 690 euro
  • Individual training – 50 euro
  • Individual training for kid – 25 euro
  • Group kids training – 10 euro per person

Location: Golfa iela 1, Piņķi


Гольф в Латвии

2. Viesturi

The golf club is located in a forest area. And therefore, in search of a flew away ball, you can safely meet a snake or a tick. The atmosphere in Viesturi is very homey and simple. The prices here are lower than in other clubs in Riga. But the course consists of only 9 holes.


  • Season card – 850 euro
  • Season card “weekdays only” – 475 euro
  • Green fee 9 holes – 20 euro
  • Group kids training – 10 euro per person

Location: Golfs Viesturi, Viesturi 1, Jaunmārupe


3. Ozo Golfa Clubs

The first 18-hole golf course in Latvia. The field is located on the shore of a lake, surrounded by trees. Most of the players describe Ozo as the most beautiful and varied golf course in Latvia. There is also a restaurant with a panoramic view of the field.


  • Green fee 9 holes – 40 euro (Monday – Thursday), 50 euro (Friday – Sunday).
  • Green fee 18 holes – 60 euro (Monday – Thursday), 70 euro (Friday – Sunday).
  • Season Card – 1300 euro (special price for early purchase till 31 of October of previous year – 850 euro)

Location: Mīlgrāvja iela 16, Ziemeļu rajons, Rīga


4. Golfa laukums “Mežāres”

It’s the onliest PITCH & PUTT course in Latvia. It is something between golf and mini golf. The maximum hole length is 60 meters. And there are 6 holes in total. But, probably, this is a very suitable place for organizing a children’s party. Therefore, I decided to include this club on the list.


Where else to play golf in Latvia?

Reina Trase in Sigulda

The golf club is located in the picturesque Gauja National Park. There are only 9 holes here. But in addition, the complex has volleyball, mini soccer, streetball, bicycle rental and a picnic area.


  • Green fee 9 holes – 15 euro (weekdays) and 25 euro (weekends)
  • Green fell 18 holes – 25 euro (weekdays) and 35 euro (weekends)
  • Individual training – 50 euro
  • Season card – 605 euro

Location: “Kalnzaķi”, Krimuldas novads


Golfa Clubs Avoti in Valmiera

The club in Valmiera is located on the territory of the recreation center. In addition to golf, there are tennis courts, minigolf, saunas, holiday houses, cars for children and a climbing wall. The field itself is not very diverse, but it is cozy here in a country-style way, and the prices are quite pleasant. You can come here for a weekend with children and arrange sports camps.


  • Green fee 9 holes – 15 euro (Monday-Thursday), 25 euro (Friday – Saturday)
  • Green fee – 18 holes – 20 euro (Monday-Thursday), 30 euro (Friday – Saturday)
  • Season card – 484 euro

Location: Atpūtas parks “AVOTI”, Valmiermuiža, Valmieras pagasts, Burtnieku novads


Tukuma Golfa Klubs in Tukums

The 9-hole course is located between Tukums and Jaunmoku Castle.

Prices: 9 holes – 20 euro

Location: Odiņi”, Vilkāja, Tumes pagasts


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