Usually the Covid test is free Of charge when You have symptoms and sent by a doctor.

But if you need to make a Covid test for a trip, than you need to pay. And nowadays many countries established a new rule, that to enter the country even for the purpose of transit you need to have a negative result of the Covid test.

So the price of the PCR test must be added to the flight tickets price. And let’s see the prices in different countries for Covid test, some of theM will shock you.

Good news! If the test is positive, the government or insurance will pay you back.

  • Latvia – 43-50 euros
  • Russia – from 27 euros
  • Spain – 80 – 120 euros
  • Denmark – 350 euros
  • Germany – from 80 to 130 euros
  • Latvia 43-50 euros
  • Italy 80-100 euros
  • Great Britain – 100-350 euros
  • UAE – 33 euros
  • Netherlands – 60-150 euros
  • China – 15 euros
  • Thailand – 94 euros
  • Australia – free of charge
  • Sweden – 70 euros
  • Finland – 235 euros
  • New Zealand – free of charge
  • Brazil – 20-80 euros

And now I will tell you a little secret, that many do not know about. Some countries (for example, Italy) allow to travel with an antibody test, it is much cheaper and less disgusting to do, so before the flight, it is better to find out what exactly is required of you before overpaying for PCR-test.

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