First of all, I would like you to know. India is completely not my country. So I was not really excited to walk around the tiny dirty street of the city, trying to get rid of beggars. Besides Agra was our last city on the trip around India and we were extremely tired of poverty and smells, so we decided to make our day in Agra as comfortable as possible. And I absolutely recommend you to repeat my experience.

Hotels in Agra

India is your perfect chance to stay in lux hotels for a really cheap price. We chose DoubleTree by Hilton with a lux room with a Taj Mahal view and breakfast included. It was one of the best rooms in my life with a big jacuzzi, soft bed and of course the view. And it cost us just 70$.

What to do in Agra?

I am gonna tell you smth, that nobody told you before. The only place in Agra that worth a visit is the Taj Mahal. All the rest is just a tourist attraction. So my decision was not to visit any other tourist attractions or museums. And I am very glad.

One day in Agra

1. Visit Taj Mahal

How to visit the Taj Mahal? You have two options: to take a tour or to enter there by yourself. If you choose the second option, be sure to buy tickets online, this will keep you from waiting in the queue. I am not recommending to use the guide, cause he won’t tell you anything interesting.

Just take an uber or tuk-tuk from your hotel, arrive at the entrance and make your way.

2. Take Instagram photos with the Taj Mahal

I have managed to find the best place to take photos with the Taj Mahal. This is the roof-top cafe in the cheap Hotel Saniya palace. You can enter the roof even if you don’t stay there. The way to the hotel is only 5 minutes walking from the Taj Mahal through the narrow dirty streets and ugly smells. But the view worth it.

Advice! To make great photos in India I would recommend you to buy Indian clothes: dresses and trousers. It’s extremely cheap but will make your photos incredible.

3. Have an Indian lunch at Taj Mahal Restaurant

The restaurant is very inconspicuous and designed for tourists. This is the only place in India where we asked for “not spicy food” and we got “not spicy food”! Therefore, we were able to try local dishes, and it was amazingly tasty. Don’t forget to try Masala tea and Mango lassi.

4. Spend the rest of the day in your hotel DoubleTree by Hilton and enjoy its’ facilities.

Question. Did you find Agra city in India very similar to Agraba from Disney cartoon – Aladdin? I was very inspired by how familiar it was.


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