If you are a fan of the Stranger things series, then you will definitely want to repeat our experience. Now in 6 cities of the world, an immersive exhibition on the series Stranger things is simultaneously taking place.

Stranger things experience in Paris

Such exhibitions are now taking place in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Atlanta.
We got to such an exhibition in Paris. The ticket cost 49 euros per person.
Follow the link to visit the official website.

What is Stranger Things Experience?

You immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the series right at the entrance of the exhibition center. The effect of complete immersion is created by 3 components: scenery, multimedia and acting.

The exhibition is divided into 2 parts.
In the first part, we were forbidden to use phones, so I couldn’t capture the most interesting part. But I’ll tell you how it was.
First, visitors enter the laboratory of the city of Hawkins as children with abilities.

In the first rooms, actors playing the role of scientists performed experiments above us. I had to do logical tasks.

Then in the second room you need to complete the “get out of the room” quest to escape from the laboratory.
Hints through the screen were given by the actors playing the main roles of the series. Actors from the series played their roles special for this show.

The next room is the control room. Through the surveillance cameras, you see demogorgons walking along the corridors of the hospital, knocking on the doors of the office and attacking other scientists. In the study, the doors were multimedia. It seemed that demogorgons really crash into them and the blood of their victims.

Then a portal to Upside-Down opens up. Going there was as disgusting as watching it in the movie. I had to wear 3D glasses. There we were surrounded by a forest with trees and jumping holograms of monsters. The quality is outrageous. It seemed that we really were there and incomprehensible creatures were flying at us.

After defeating them with Eleven, we returned to the real world.

And ended up in the second part of the exhibition – in the city of Hawkins with bars, photo-zones, cafes and shops in the style of the 80s.

In total we spent about 1.5 hours at the exhibition.

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