Seceda is one of the most popular locations in the Dolomites. Due to its unusual peak (a green field goes up and ends in an abyss) and easy accessibility, it attracts thousands of tourists.

  • Height – 2517m
  • The duration of the hike is 2.5 hours, including photo stops and lunch.
  • 4-5 hours – the duration of the entire journey from and to the parking lot.
  • Difficulty level is easy.

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Ultimate guide of half-day hiking to Seceda mountain

Arrive in the city of Ortisei and park your car at the Seceda Furnes ski lift. (parking costs 1.90 euros per hour, but if you use the cable car, then 2 hours are free).

A two-level cable car leads to the top of Seceda, one way per person – 27 euros. (But, of course, you can climb on foot either from the very bottom or from the middle of the mountain, where the first lift brings you).

Follow this link to get to the Seceda cable car website.

When you get to the top, walk along the cliff, and take a picture.

We have been to Seceda 2 times. And both times half of the summit was covered with clouds. That’s what “bad luck” means. And this is how (photo below) Seceda looks in sunny weather.

Next you need trail 6/1A to Col Raiser

Stop for lunch along the way. There are many different cafes on the mountain. We recommend the Baita Daniel Hutte restaurant and the Malga restaurant, which is located at the Col Raiser ski lift.

The trail leads either down or in a straight line. It takes about an hour to walk from the Seceda lift to Col Raiser. But with all the stops it’s better to plan to spend 3 hours at the top.

When you get to the Col Raiser lift, take it down (17 euros per person), but we decided to walk and it took us 50 minutes.

Follow this link to get to the Col Raiser cable car website.

You will find yourself in the city of St Christina. From there, you need to take a bus back to Ortisei (2.5 euros).

The bus stop is located opposite the Überbacher F.lli & C. S.N.C bakery. To get there you need to walk appr 15 minutes from the lift.

Of course you can make this hike in opposite direction or take a round way cable car and just hang out on the top (which is cheaper as round way cable car cost pretty much the same as the one-way one).

Attention! Before starting your hike check the cable-cars opening hours. Usually the last cable-car goes at 17:00 but it depends on weather conditions.

Though we were not very lucky with the weather we still enjoy the hiking. But I need to show you how Seceda peak looks like without clouds. This is the photo of another blogger.

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