Pedra do Teledrafo is not very popular place for European tourists (here they call us gringos), but is getting more and more popular among the locals. I am sure you have seen those ¨super scary photos of people hanging off the cliff.

Surprise! These photos are not that scary at all and actually quite easy to make. This cliff is located 60 km away from the most touristic Brazilian city – Rio de Janeiro.

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How to get to Pedra do Telegrafo?

First of all you need to get to Barra de Guaratiba. It’s the closest city to the rock and is located 50 km away from Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. To get there we took UBER. It cost us 30$ one way.

However, you can also get there by bus. You need to go to Terminal Alvorada in Rio de Janeiro and take a bus towards Malto Alto station. There you need to change for bus №867 to Barra de Guaratiba.

Once you get off the bus a the stop Barra de Guaratiba, you will see signs with directions towards Pedra do Telegrafo.

The first part of the path follows through the streets of the city, than you will reach the stairs that you need to climb. The second part of the path is going throw the favela, sometimes even through the houses. Don’t worry it’s not a dangerous favela.

And then the 3rd part of the hike will lead you through the jungle.

The whole hiking route will take you around 40 minutes or 1 hour but it’s going to be a very intensive hike as all the time you will need to climb up.

Pedra do Telegrafo experience

The place is very popular so you better get there as soon as possible as more and more people coming. Getting to the top of the mountain At 8:30 am we were shocked by how many people are there. The queue for the photo took us 1.5 hour.

Another advise is to take some snacks and water with you. However there, on the mountain, there are a few kiosks where you can buy beverages and ice-cream while standing in the queue.

And don’t forget about the suncream. Brazilian sun is a killer.

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