Do you feel the need to escape reality for a while? Do you want to travel, to see a majestic place that will remind you of the greatness of the world? 

If you need to find a destination that will fill you with curiosity about and appreciation for the culture, the history and the general commotion that goes on in life around you, choosing a metropolis will flood you with emotions of grandeur and admiration for the beautiful and impressive artefacts humans have created. 

Canada is an ideal country to inspire such emotions as it has many cities that can leave people speechless with awe. It should only be noted that the cities that will be mentioned below are so large that it would be advisable to have a car to get about. An easier and cheaper alternative would be to hire a car whenever you need to travel a long way. Enjoy Travel is the ideal site to hire a car in order to ensure that you will have a comfortable and economical ride. And now you’re ready to learn which are the 4 Canadian cities that you must visit. 

City 1: Ottawa

As you’d probably expected, we’ll start the list with the capital of Canada, Ottawa. Ottawa was selected as the capital of Canada by Queen Elizabeth in 1857 because it was so far from the border with the United States and so well protected by vast forests that enemy troops could not reach it. 

If you find yourself in Ottawa, you must visit the Parliamentary Library, which was the only room to survive the fire in 1916, the sculpture ‘Maman’, which is one of the seven replicas in the world of a mother spider, and the Rideau Canal, which becomes the largest natural skating rink whenever it freezes. 

City 2: Vancouver 

Vancouver is also called ‘The Hollywood of Canada’ because many TV series and films have been shot there. Supernatural and Criminal Minds are just a few examples of TV series filmed primarily in Vancouver. Additionally, there are many natural landscapes that a visitor can take advantage of, like the English Bay, the Stanley Park and the Cathedral Grove, where you will find the almost 800-year-old Douglas Fir trees.

City 3: Toronto

One of the first cities that comes to mind when we talk about Canada is Toronto. It is the city with the largest population. This does not come as a surprise as there are numerous fun activities that the city offers to residents and tourists. From strolls to beautiful parks and coolstreets, like High Park and Graffiti Alley respectively, to impressive buildings, such as the Rogers Centre, which is a sports stadium, and Casa Loma, a Gothic mansion, there is something for everyone.

City 4: North Bay

North Bay is the perfect place for nature lovers. Whether you want to put your sports-related abilities to the test by paddling on Lake Nipissing or skiing the Laurentian Ski Hill or you just want to stroll through the Laurier Woods Conservation Area or Marathon Beach, you will get to enjoy a truly breathtaking view of nature.

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