Best places to visit in Budapest

Budapest is still included in the underrated destinations of Europe. Therefore, I strongly advise you to go here this summer-autumn. Better in autumn, in July we walked in the 40-degree heat and survived for half a day. But in winter, I also do not advise you to go here, it is very cold.

4 days is the best time to visit Budapest. The city is big. Attractions are scattered on 2 sides of the river, and there is no pronounced small center, walking along which you can get around the city. So don’t expect to do everything in one day.

Another tip – take a sightseeing tour of the city with a guide. If it is not possible to take a guide, then you can always try Free walking tours. There are 4 programs in Budapest.

In this article, I have collected highlights of our trip and recommendations from my Instagram followers (there were a lot of them, I read them all, thank you very much)!

1. Parliament

This is the most important location where I advise you to go. First, go to the parliament for a tour. It takes about 40 minutes, and is interesting because the parliament is active. Buy tickets online and in advance. Here is the link. Children up to 24 years old – 6 euros. Adults – 12 euros.

2. Terror Museum

The exposition of the museum is powerful, but in my opinion, too one-sided (local journalists wrote the same in reviews). +terribly rude staff and no information in foreign languages. If you go, then take an audio guide (the visit will take 2 hours). Tickets up to 26 years old – 4 euros. From 26 years old – 8 euros.

Follow the link for the museum website

3. Ervin Szabo Library

Very beautiful library in the style of the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”. Entrance – 4 euros. Up to 16 years old – free of charge. The library is active. Walking through the chic halls, you will more than once envy the students who come here to study.

4. Fisherman’s Bastion

Very nice place with the best view of Pest. Upstairs there is a panoramic restaurant and a Starbucks. Be sure to go up here, you won’t regret it.

5. Royal Palace

I advise you to visit the royal palace as part of the city tour, which I advise you at the beginning of the article.

6. Gellert Hill

There is a beautiful view from the top.

7. Baths

Baths are the hallmark of Budapest. The most popular are the Széchenyi bath and the Gellert bath. We were in Széchenyi a couple of years ago in the winter. And I can’t say that I really liked it there. Baths Gellert advised many. But we never made it there!

Beautiful and interesting restaurants and bars in Budapest:

There are a lot of creative and beautiful spaces in Budapest. There are 7 Michelin star restaurants and several Michelin recommended restaurants. Separately, it is worth noting the Jewish cuisine. You should definitely try it here (in Budapest there is a large Jewish district).

In some places we were, and in some we did not have time to go on our trip, but I included them in the list, as they were recommended to me!

  1. Cafe New York

Luxurious place with high prices and a crowd of tourists. Coffee costs 10 euros. But it’s worth coming here for the interior! Book a table in advance to avoid queuing and come here for breakfast or coffee.

  1. Stand 25 Bisztro

Bistro Michelin recommended. The food is simply luxurious (Hungarian and European) and the prices are affordable. It is better to come here for lunch, for dinner, book a month in advance.

  1. Zeya restaurant

Restaurant with very nice food.

  1. VakVarju

Chain restaurant of Hungarian cuisine

  1. Twenty-six

Located in the atrium of the hotel. Interesting interior with live plants. Literally sitting in a tropical garden. According to reviews here is an excellent menu of food and cocktails.

  1. Mazel Tov

Israeli cuisine.

  1. Deryne

Restaurant Michelin Recommended

  1. Pub For Sale

Creative pub with Hungarian cuisine. Papers with reviews are hung on the walls and ceiling, and peanut shells are lying underfoot). I didn’t like the place. Seems dirty.

  1. Ruin bars

A separate type of tourism is ruin bars. This is the name of the bars that arose on the site of dilapidated dilapidated houses. Their design is so creative that it’s better to look at it in subdued light))) The most famous and iconic bar is Szimplakert. We came to take a picture of it, but we wanted to sit somewhere decently.

  1. View terraces:
  • Liz and Chain. Beautiful view of the sunset and the royal palace. But the menu is weak (from food only tasteless snacks and a small selection of cocktails).
  • High note Sky Bar
  • The Duchess Rooftop bar.

11. Magic Bar

This is heaven for Harry Potter fans. We have not been to this bar, but there are a lot of reviews on tiktok, and judging by the video, the atmosphere there is magical! I will definitely go here next time.

Cafe’s website

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