Who of us doesn’t desire to come to Amsterdam at least once? However, most of the people know the city only because of the Red lights street and the legalization of marijuana. Of course, when in Amsterdam you definitely have to visit one of these famous coffee shops, as well as try their assortment. Well, where, if not here? But in addition to cannabis and prostitutes, in Amsterdam, there are lots of interesting museums and places you definitely have to visit.

My visit to the city left a very pleasant impression. You have the historical center with narrow streets and channels, and only 20 minutes away by walking and you are in a quiet living area with parks, and comfortable residential buildings.

How to get to Amsterdam from Schiphol airport?

From Schiphol airport to Amsterdam you can go by train and by bus.

The railway station is located on the -1 floor of the airport. Amsterdam Centraal is 14 minutes away and the trip costs 5.60 euros. A ticket must be purchased at the station in special vending machines.

Bus No. 397 (Amsterdam Airport Express) goes to the museum district. The journey takes about 30 minutes. The bus stop is located near the exit of the airport. Platform B15-19. One-way fare is 6.50 euros. Round trip – 11.25 euros. A ticket can be bought from the driver.

How to get to Amsterdam from Eindhoven airport?

Eindhoven Airport is an airport for low-cost airlines. Air Express Bus runs directly from the airport to the center of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Centraal). The cost of a one-way ticket is 25 euros. Travel time is 1 hour 45 minutes.

Also from the Eindhoven city center to Amsterdam (Amsterdam Sloterdijk) go Flixbus buses. The one-way fare is 7 euros.

To go from the airport to Eindhoven city center you can use buses N400 and N401. One-way costs 3.70 euros and lasts 20 minutes.

Top 7 most interesting museums in Amsterdam

1. Rijksmuseum

This is a state museum where you can see the works of famous artists Frans Hals, Jan Steen, Vermeer, and Rembrandt. An adult ticket is 20 euros, but if you buy it online – 19 euros. Children under 18 can enter free of charge. Follow the official website for more information.

If you don’t want to get inside (you are not a fan of art), you must look at the building from the outside and take a picture with the famous letters I AMSTERDAM.

2. Van Gogh Museum

This is a must-visit museum, even if you do not like painting. The museum has beautifully composed excursions and audio guides. You will find out why Van Gogh’s paintings are valued in the world, and what is the meaning of his work.

A ticket to the museum costs € 17 for adults, for children under 18 years admission is free. Follow the official website for more information.

3. NEMO science museum

This is a museum that is completely impossible to avoid. It is located a 15-minute walk from the central station and looks like a giant five-decks ship. In simple words, this is a museum of natural sciences. But a very good one. Inside there are all kinds of laboratories, labyrinths of mirrors, designing robots. A must-visit place if you travel with a child.

A ticket costs 17.50 euros for all visitors from 4 years old. Everyone can get to the roof of the museum for free. Follow the official websitefor more information.

4. Anne Frank house

Anna Frank is a Jewish girl, a victim of the Holocaust. She is known for her diary – “Anne Frank’s diary“, probably many of you know the film of the same name. If not, have a watch. It was in this house where Anna’s family was hiding from the Nazis.

The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 22:00. Ticket price: for adults – 10.50 euros, teenagers from 10 to 17 years – 5.50 euros, children under 9 years old – 50 cents. Follow the official website for more information.

5. Royal palace of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam is the official royal residence. It is used mainly for official receptions. The royal family lives in The Hague. Inside you can learn more about the history of the country and the city. However, if you have already been to the royal residences of Madrid or the castles of Bavaria, then the interiors will not impress you.

The palace is open for tourists from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 (to be specified). Ticket price: adult – 10 euros. Student – 9 euros. Up to 18 years old – free of charge. Follow the official website for more information.

6. Museum of Prostitution: Red light secrets

The museum is located in the Red light district. The exposition inside demonstrates various brothel rooms and various sexual devices. A female voice in an audio guide explains the life of prostitutes in Holland.

Ticket price – 12.50 euros. The museum is open from 10:00 to 24:00. Follow the official websitefor more information.

7. Marihuana museum

The museum has a small hemp plantation, as well as a variety of marihuana samples. Here you can also learn all about the processes of growing grass, and how cannabis differs from hashish.

Entrance to the museum costs 9 euros per person. Follow the official websitefor more information.

Films that were filmed in Amsterdam

Or, in other words, what to watch before a trip to Amsterdam to feel the atmosphere:

  • “Tulip Fever”. The film is about the famous craziness around tulip bulbs in the 30s of the 17th century.
  • “Deuce Bigalow 2”. A comedy film with Rob Schneider about prostitution in Amsterdam. In this film, I found out what is an astral cupcake.
  • “Anne Frank Diary”. A movie about the holocaust in Holland during the 2nd World War.
  • “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. An alternative romantic version of the creation of the famous painting by Jan Vermeer.

What else to do in Amsterdam?

1. Bicycles

Bicycle parking in Amsterdam is kind of crazy. I still don’t understand how people find their bikes there.

2. Red light street

Every tourist should at least once visit the Red Light Street in the dark. Well, where else will you see this?

3. Тюльпаны

Tulips is an another symbol of Holland (along with cheese and marijuana). Tulip bulbs are sold in all souvenir shops. Bouquets of tulips can be bought at every corner. But the most famous place is the floating flower market.

Every year, on the third Saturday of January, a national tulip day is celebrated. Dam Square turns into a large flowerbed – about 200,000 fresh flowers are brought here and given to everyone.

4. Coffee shops

From the middle of the day on the streets of the city you can feel the unique smell that cannot be confused with anything. Being in Amsterdam, I noticed that they don’t drink here almost at all. People just smoke. And in my opinion, legalized marijuana and funny people on the streets are much better than alcohol and drunkards. In the meantime, the cannabis is legalized only here, where else will you have the opportunity to legally smoke a joint? Or eat the famous astral cupcake? Only in Holland!

Local coffee shops are very similar to ordinary cafes and bars. There is coffee, tea, muffins, jambs of different sizes, but no alcohol.

Where to eat cheaply in Amsterdam?

I won’t suggest you a list of restaurants or secret eateries. I’ll tell you about the place where we ate during the journey around Holland. Albert Heijn is a chain of Dutch mini supermarkets. Here you can inexpensively buy coffee, pastries, fruits. wholesome healthy meals, and even reheat everything in the microwave.

What to eat in Netherlands?

1. Belgian waffles

In Amsterdam, the window of each diner looks like this (pictured). You come, quickly eat a waffle and move on.

2. Stropwaffles

These are the real Dutch waffles. They are thin and sticky (not crispy). In the classic version – with caramel filling. Stropwaffles are a great souvenir option if you fly to Amsterdam.

3. Dutch cheeses

Holland is a country of cheese. Therefore, of course, you must definitely go to the supermarket and buy some cheese. The most popular varieties are Maasdam, Gouda and Edam. But there are more than a hundred varieties of cheese in Holland. In addition to the usual use of cheese, it is also eaten for dessert, combining it with sweet additives – honey, jam, fruits and berries.

4. Bitterbollen

This is a traditional appetizer. Fried meat balls with mustard. You can find them in any cafe in the city.

5. Astral cupcakes

Those are the famous cupcakes with marijuana. They are sold in coffee shops and cost 5 euros per piece and taste the same as ordinary chocolate muffins, there is also no particular drug effect. Amsterdam souvenir shops also sell Chupa Chups, chocolates, and hash cookies.

6. French fries

A very popular snack. In Amsterdam, you will always feel the smell of the french fries and there are a lot of french fries kiosks.

From Amsterdam, you can have a day trip to Brussels. The one-way train trip is only 1,5 h long. Therefore you may also be interested in the article, where I am telling how to get to Brussels from Amsterdam and how to spend one day in Brussels.

What to see in Brussels in one day?

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