Singapore is also called “the city of the future”. This is a first reason why you have to visit it. Moreover, it’s so tiny, that 1-2 days of the visit will be totally enough to have the first impression. And as the airport of Singapore is the main hub of Asia once upon a time you gonna have a layover here. And my advice to stop by and visit the city.

1. The architecture

The architecture of the city is a combination of modern skyscrapers and greenery. On every free meter, including roofs and balconies, green spaces are planted. Also in the city, there are practically no old houses (except in Chinatown). The 20 building is already called old.

2. Migration policy

Singapore welcomes immigrants adequately. There are high social packages, 4 official languages ​​including English, there is no discrimination on the basis of nationality. Being an immigrant, I know how important it is.

3. The presence of management offices of leading world companies

This is something that describes the welfare of the city.

4. Variety of cultures

The city successfully combines the Los Angeles lifestyle and Asian traditions. Here you can find everything starting from Brazilian Asai for breakfast, and an American burger for dinner.

5. Infrastructure

It is equally convenient to inspect the city by car, bicycle, on foot and public transport.

Gardens by the bay

6. High standard of living

The average salary in Singapore is 5-10k dollars per month.

7. Everywhere you can pay by card

8. Touristic symbols

In every famous city, there are such symbols for which people are desperate to visit the city (for example the statue of liberty in New York). In Singapore, the airport itself is a symbol as well as Marina Bay, but new buildings and constructions are constantly appearing in Singapore as well.

Marina Bay
The Singapore airport

9. Technology

In the technological aspect, Singapore is much inferior to Tokyo, where high-tech solutions are used even in simple things like the toilet. But, of course, Singapore is way ahead the European countries.

10. No police in the city

Instead of that throughout the city, there are many cameras that monitor the streets 24/7.

11. No smoking in the streets

You can smoke only in a special area, where you can’t spoil the air of other people.

12. Transport policy

There are no traffic jams in the city. Public transportation is affordable and comfortable.

13. Air hub

From Singapore, there are direct flights to many countries. Flights around Asian countries, Indonesia and Australia can cost less than 50$.

14. Singapore Airport is one of the best in the world

Where to go from Singapore? / How to travel around Asia?

For many of you, it seems that it is really difficult to orientate in Asian countries. However, it’s much easier than you think. All the transport timetables and possible routes of how to get from place to place are united on one website – 12.go.asia. You can combine both trains with buses and ferries including the airport transfers and literally, can get to any point you want.

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